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Spice Bucket E-Retail (OPC) Private Limited is a E commerce platform. Spice Bucket name is describing it’s meaning “A bucket full of Spices”. Spice Bucket is an online spice selling company and it’s a multi-brands online selling platform means you can find out your favourite spice brand at one E commerce platform www.spicebucket.com.Spice Bucket is dealing in Grinded spices, whole spices, Organic spices, non-Organic spices means you can get all range of spices at one place www.spicebucket.com. In Grinded spices you will get Grounded, Blended, Hing, Salt & seasoning and Other special spices categories.

Spice Bucket is a place that is currently deals with lots of India’s well-known brands. These regional brands somehow you used and like this taste but you never went there again and missing that taste or you have shifted from your hometown due to education or job and missing your hometown spices taste or in one word you are missing ‘माँ के हाथों का स्वाद’ and sometime you don’t have time to go Kirana shop and buy spices and some time you go at Kirana shop or departmental store but not find your favourite spice brand there. To find the solution of all these problems Spice Bucket E-Retail (OPC) Private Limited company launch its online platform www.spicebucket.com.

What Spice Bucket Do?

In traditional or Offline business there are lots of supply channels work between Spice Manufacturer and you (Customer) like C & F, Super Stockiest, Distributor and Retailer. When your favourite spice supply from Manufacturer to you by these supply channels that time every channel having his certain % of margin, definitely that margin increases the cost of your desired product.

Here Spice Bucket simply remove all mediators between Manufacturer and you and when you place your order on www.spicebucket.com ,this will reduce Product price and Stock holding time in this supply chain and you will get fresh product with latest manufacturing Date (Maximum Shelf Life). 

Why Choose Spice Bucket?

In the world of Internet some companies are giving offers, some companies are giving free shipping etc but Spice Bucket is giving lots of benefits to it’s customers like:

  • Freedom to choose your Favourite Brand
  • Assured Quality
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Maximum discount on your purchase
  • Fast delivery
  • Cash on delivery
  • Easy Returns
  • Freedom to choose your Favourite Brand: Whenever you want to purchase your favourite spice brand from other available websites, those websites having mix brand’s range with your desired products. So that time you face many problems like product selection, time wastage, Confusion etc. but if you choose www.spicebucket.com. , you will get new experience of new concept ‘One Brand - One Bucket’. With this concept you can choose your favourite brand in one time and there will be no distraction. In these day people are moving to old days and liking Organic products in Food & Dairy categories, because of this www.spicebucket.com. is giving you the freedom to choose Organic and Non- Organic spices on one platform.
  • Assured Quality: Whenever you think to purchase any food related product that can be Groceries, Vegetables, Dairy Products etc., that time your first concern is Good Quality. We as spicebucket.com assured premium quality of products that you are purchasing or ordering from www.spicebucket.com. Reason behind this confidence, we deal with those brands only those have all required certificates like FSSAI and Lab test certification etc.
  • Long Shelf Life: When you go to any shop to purchase spices, between spice factory and you, your product has to cross many supply channels like C&F, Super Stockiest, Distributors, and Retailers and in this supply chain, every channel has its product holding time like C&F holds product for 5-10days, Super stockiest holds for 10-15days, Distributor holds for 20-30days and in last Retailer holds products 45-60days means in this supply chain product losses it’s shelf life by 3-4 months. All types of Spices have their shelf life, aroma, taste and natural oil and these properties of spices reduce with time duration. After losing 3-4 months shelf life and their properties, spices having only 8 months or less than 8 months shelf life for further use, but when you buy products from www.spicebucket.com, you get your product in fresh condition with long shelf life and full of Aroma, Taste and Natural oils.
  • Maximum Discount: As we already informed that spicebucket.com is delivering products from ‘Spice Manufacturer to direct at your home’. In this products delivery process  Spice Bucket avoid all supply channels and save their margins and  this all margins we delivered to you as Maximum discount or offers and you get best price on www.spicebucket.com.
  • Fast Delivery: In this digital and Internet Revolutionary era, most of people is using smart cell phone with Internet and from these people most of the people is purchasing online by different-different online selling websites. After this Covid-19 pandemic situation, everybody is avoiding to go in crowdy place or market. Because of this situation most of the brands are selling their products online but they are unable to maintain product delivery time duration. In present time nobody wants to wait for his products and he wants his product as soon as possible.
    In this scenario, we as Spice Bucket assure you that you will get your order as soon as possible. Spice Bucket has contract to most of the leading courier companies like DTDC, Delhivery, Ship Rocket, Blue Dart etc. We as Spice Bucket assured that your placed order will be shipped in 2 working days and will be delivered within 3-7 working days as per your delivery location.
  • Cash On Delivery: After choose your product/products and place your order, most important part come Infront of you, how to do payment or which mode of payment I should choose. Present time most of the customers having all modes of payment like, Online transfer, debit card, Credit card, UPI and wallets etc. and they are using these modes of payment but some of customers don’t have these online payment modes or don’t want to use these payment modes for online purchasing. For those customers we have cash On delivery (COD) options. Customer can pay by cash at the time of order delivery.
  • Easy Returns: Spice Bucket always uses maximum precautions and product safety measurements to pack your order but in case you get any tampered packet at the time of delivery that time you can refuse to take delivery direct delivery person. If you get defect in your ordered products after delivery of the order, you can raise product return complaint direct from website by filling Product return form or inform to Spice Bucket customer support about defected product and they will assist you to get your product return.

Vision: When customer go to purchase his favourite brand’s product to near Kirana or Mom & Pop shop if that shopkeeper not having that brand’s product in his shop, then he tries to sell another brand’s product. That time if customer have time to go other shop, then ok but if he doesn’t have that much of time then customer has to compromise with his brans /choice. We think this type of compromises can work in other categories but not in Food category. In this respect to solve this problem Spice Bucket launched it’s online products selling website www.spicebucket.com. In spicebucket.com you have ‘Freedom To Choose Your Favourite Brand With No Compromise’.

Mission: Currently we are delivering your favourite spices in India only but in coming 2-3 years we will deliver all types Indian spices to out of India. Indian spices have their unique taste and aroma, because their taste and unique aroma these spices are famous and liked in most of countries. India is a largest producer and exported of spices in world. We have aim to increase Indian spices export market of spices in the other countries through www.spicebucket.com.


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